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Elemental Print are New Zealand’s experts in creating the highest quality metal prints available. We use a Dye Sublimation process to infuse vibrant inks deep into the surface of our specially coated ChromaLuxe aluminium panels, leaving the ink permanently suspended and highly protected from long term UV damage and deterioration by environmental contaminants. The result is a crisp, high definition and visually stunning piece of art, that is durable, fade resistant, fire proof, waterproof, and easy to clean.

Elemental Metal Prints are a popular choice for all types of photographers an artists looking for the best way to showcase their art. They make great gifts for friends and families, and are perfect for businesses and organisations looking for an ultra modern decorative option for their interiors. We craft all of our prints right here in New Zealand, and are dedicated to ensuring 100% satisfaction with your finished product.


Vibrant and Detailed

Exceptionally vibrant inks are infused directly into the coating on our metal. The resulting print has a brilliant luminescence, a rich depth of colour, and a high level of clarity.



Metal prints are sturdy and hold their shape and appearance over time . They are also resistant to water and fire, and won’t be negatively affected by moisture, heat or humidity over time like other print mediums are.


Archival Quality

Our Metal Prints have achieved a permanence rating of more than 65 years, meaning no noticeable fading or changes in color during that time. That is three times longer than common silver-halide photo papers framed under glass.

Easy Clean

Easy to Clean

Our metal prints are easy to clean and sanitise with common household products, making them a great choice for restaurants, hotels, galleries, education facilities and medical practices.

Easy Hang

Easy to Hang

Lightweight and ultra-thin, our prints come with a choice of ‘ready to display’ mounting options, and are easy to relocate or transport.

Cost Effective

Cost Effective

Metal prints are a cost effective print option, often costing less than an equivalent sized paper print, when considering the additional cost of framing and glass.

ChromaLuxe Aluminium Panels

The ChromaLuxe aluminium panels we use are known around the world as being the original and the highest quality metal print available. We’ve tried a number of alternatives, but nothing else matches ChromaLuxe in terms of quality, consistency and clarity. If your printer doesn’t specify that they use ChromaLuxe panels, chances are they don’t, and you will likely end up disappointed that their print didn’t meet the same high quality standards that ChromaLuxe is known for.

ChromaLuxe panels are made from a lightweight grade of aluminium, coated with a bright white surface and a UV resistant polymer layer. The total thickness of these panels just 1.14mm, giving them a low profile and huge versatility in display options.

ChromaLuxe panels are made with recycled aluminium, and are themselves 100% recyclable.

Finish Options

Our prints are available in two finishes, Gloss or Matte.


Gloss is our most popular choice. It produces a luxurious, modern looking print with a high level of vibrancy and contrast. The glossy surface gives a feeling reminiscent of the classic Kodak film lab 4×6″ prints.


The Matte finish also produces a vibrant print but with a less glossy finish. Matte is a great choice for photos with more subtle color tones, such as portraits and wedding photos, where the reflective surface of a Gloss panel might distract from the image.

Display Options

We can print up to 1.7m x 1.2m, which is the largest metal print available in New Zealand. We offer a range of standard sizes, covering square, rectangular, panoramic and circular shapes. We cut our metal in-house and are able to cut to custom dimensions.

Our small prints under 18 inches in length have two options of mount; an easel or a float mount. Choose an easel to stand your print on a surface such as a desk, or choose the float mount to conveniently hang your print on a screw or nail.

Our larger prints come ready to hang on a float frame. Our frames are made of sturdy timber, and are fixed to the back of the panel, inset by around 60mm from the edge of the print. This makes your print appear to float on the wall, and is a highly convenient option that helps focus attention on nothing but your artwork. Our float frames come with two D-ring hangers which give a sturdy option to hang your print on screws or picture hanging hooks.

Prints can also be framed in a traditional manner by your local framer. If you plan on having your print professionally framed, we suggest ordering your print from us without a mounting option selected.

Our Process

We utilise a Dye Sublimation Process, which infuses your image permanently into the surface of the aluminium. We first print a transfer print onto paper using special Epson dye sublimation inks. After letting the ink dry, we position the transfer onto the panel, and place both into our large format heat press machine. The high temperature and pressure inside the heat press causes the dye inks to sublimate (turn from a solid to gas). At the same time, the polymers in the specially coated aluminium expand, soaking up the ink like a sponge.

We let the print bake for five minutes before removing from the heatpress. As the panel cools, the surface closes up and the inks solidify and set. We then remove the transfer paper to reveal the incredible image underneath. From there, we carefully inspect your finished print, before mounting it on your choice of framing or easel.

Check out the Dye Sublimation Process from ChromaLuxe on Vimeo.

Colour Management

It is no secret that the dye sublimation process is tricky. Compared to printing onto paper or canvas, we are putting our inks through an additional phase change (from a solid to a gas) under high temperature and pressure. It is therefore vital that we follow exact and carefully controlled parameters at every step of the process. Everything from the temperature and humidity of our workshop, the transfer time, and the temperature and pressure of our heatpress, has an impact on the final output.

We have taken our process to the next level, and have invested in a full Calibrite X-Rite colour management system. This means we are able to calibrate our printers and displays regularly to ensure consistent colour output from print to print, and ensure that the print colour matches what we see on our screen. Provided you are also working on a colour calibrated display, we can have good confidence of meeting your expectations.

XRite Colour Calibration

File Requirements

There are many factors that determine whether an image will print well on metal. As a rule of thumb, we find that images taken on modern digital cameras and with at least 18 megapixels will produce a high quality print at any size. We can get away with less than that for smaller prints, but for prints larger than about 24 inches wide, it is ideal if you can meet this threshold.

Many smartphones are also capable of taking images that print very well on metal. Always ensure your phone’s camera is set to capture at the highest quality and resolution setting.

When uploading an image to us, please upload the highest quality version you have available. If you have taken the image on a digital camera, we prefer a full resolution export as a 16-bit TIFF file with the AdobeRGB (1998) colour profile. JPG files are also acceptable, preferably in full resolution and also saved with the AdobeRGB (1998) colour profile. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you need a hand supplying your image in one of these file formats.

Lastly, due to expansion of the metal during the printing process, your printed image will be cropped by approximately 5mm on all sides, to maintain a buffer of ink during the transfer process. Please avoid including any important elements, such as signatures or text, within 5mm of the edge of the image.

Digital Upscaling

For those of you who want an extra level of detail, we offer a Digital Upscaling service. We use state-of-the-art software and artificial intelligence algorithms to ‘fill in the gaps’ between pixels as the image is enlarged. Using this process we are usually able to at least double the resolution of your image. This can make a huge difference to lower quality images such as scans of old film photos, as well as when we are printing your image large. We have been very impressed with the possibilities of this software and the extra detail it can bring to an image.

This service is available at the checkout at time of ordering, and we will always ask you to confirm that you are happy with the processed file before we print it.

Sound Good?

If you’ve got any further questions about our prints or process, feel free to get in touch. Otherwise, go head and get started!

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